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Recap of the Exciting First Week of the Edge Golf League

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Thank You for

Joining the Inaugural Edge Golf League!

Hi everyone!

Thank you all for joining Day 1 of our inaugural Edge Golf League.

Hope everyone enjoyed the first night of matches.

It was awesome to hangout with our members and friends.

Team Black Tiger takes the lead with 7 points!

Trailing by half point is Team No Breakfast Ballz. It was great to see winners of the match relax and drink some beers while losers were practicing and planning for Week 2! Remember, we offer classes that can help you 😉


Highlight of the night among many, was our very own Edge Golf Team aka 깍두기. Team with a BYE gets a chance to face the hosts! FYI, we lost.. Congratulations to Team EDGE OF THE WATER HAZARD! Instead of points, they win 2 free hours of Room usage for giving us a beatdown.


Don’t forget Week 2 will be 11/29/23.

See you all after Thanksgiving week!

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